New mix: Volume 5 is here…

The egarly anticipated House Studio Volume 5 is out now and available for free download on Soundcloud. Mixed by DJ Zacklos Volume 5 is a nice combination of deep and tech house sounds. Press play…


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  9. Ok, I take my comment back. Just saw a closeup of the print, and it’s actually pretty cute. It’s like a tiny Navajo print party! It’s just so hard to see the details from pictures, and I haven’t had a chance to see it IRL. Ugh, I hate it when I realize Ms. Marant knew exactly what she was doing. Just another reason to want more of her pieces. Isabel Marant = destroyer of bank accounts.

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  28. I really enjoy Fridays – good puzzle with some excellent clues. I particularly enjoyed 20d as well as 18a. Stupidly put pleasant in 23a to start with until I got 16d and had to change it. Not thinking straight but it was first instinct. I do 5d before 5a so avoided the error that Gazza and Nubian made. Only cause I couldn’t think of the answer at first!!!!Excellent review Gazza – lovely photos and clips. Thanks for the puzzle Giovanni – so much nicer than yesterday’s horrible offering.

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  30. Thanks for sending these updates. As soon as I read your first post this week, I immediately wrote a letter to the little boy that my husband and I sponsor through Compassion. Reading your posts makes me wonder so much about him and serves as a great reminder to pray for him and his family all the time. It also reminded me that TOMORROW is his birthday. 🙂 Happy Birthday, sweet Ivan!May God continue to protect you as you share love in His name.Jennifer

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  51. Thanks, Bob! As a gay conservative who reads this blog every day, I don’t understand why conservatives would want to throw us under the bus. We’re on YOUR side! And we have much more in common than we disagree on. In the war to take back America, who can afford to dismiss an ally?

  52. Oops, appologies to the Howard Stern crowd for turning the prison scene into a lesbian fantasy. The gender switching quote should have read: “And as for the female victims, some of them must not mind much that they actually get to have sex with a MAN. (One that may be able to improve their situation, to boot)Sorry, I really need to drink my coffee before posting.Trey

  53. I too am so sorry for your loss but glad you are one of the fortunate who can spend those precious last hours with loved ones. Your post also struck a chord for me in my giving. It’s important to me to use my giving to help people who are not as fortunate- to relieve the stress of not just crisis’ like the illness of a loved one, but also the day to day challenges of feeding, clothing and housing a family.

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